There is Cockroach in Chocolate?

Cockroach in Chocolate

International Cocoa Standard states a maximum limit of upto 3% for 'Cocoa beans' that are 'damaged or infested' by insects. It does not allow whole or live insects in the Cacao bean at any stage. No company is allowed to have insects in Chocolate. 


What happens in Sihi?

Every Cacao bean that enters Sihi comes from hygienic fermentation units that comply with less than 0.5% insect damaged beans and almost nil moldy beans that don’t really need further sterilization as per tests conducted. But once it enters, Sujatha and Niveditha ensure to double (four eyes to be precise) check it. Even if something happens to miss their eyes, the beans further get a scientific roast at relatively low temperatures to, 1. develop authentic beautiful Chocolate flavor and 2. Sterilises the beans thoroughly (and did we mention the antioxidants are taken good care of as well?).
(The only animal we have in our chocolate is the bunny face formed by our bunny chocolate mould ;p)
While our Chocolate is surely free from insects it is doubly/triply/quadruply free from chemicals or anything artificial!


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